Should You Leave Your Family Wondering When You Are Gone?

The only thing certain in human life is its ‘uncertainty’. This is the very reason you buy insurance for your home, health, automobile and above all life insurance. The times we are living in where a pandemic is ravaging lives and has brought death and suffering for thousands of people, we are seeing the true meaning of uncertainty in our lives. It is time to ponder on the point – am I doing enough to secure the future of my spouse and kids? Will they be able to safe and financially stable if something unforeseen was to happen to me? Since the time humans left the caves and took baby steps towards the long civilizational journey they have always looked to secure the future of their loved ones. If it was fortifying land and gathering precious jewels in a bygone era today it is all about savings, investments, insurance and estate planning.

As a concerned father, husband, wife, grandparent, and guardian or in any other role you may have already invested for the future of your loved ones. It may be in insurance, properties and other assets based on the kind of planning you have done for the future. You may feel that you have done enough for your loved ones to lead a comfortable life long after you are gone. But does your spouse, kids or legal heir know about your investments? Anybody involved in Florida elder Care estate planning or elsewhere would tell you that merely investing in the right assets and insurances isn’t enough, you need to prepare a plan and let your family know how it should be executed the day you are no longer with them.

As the Elder Care Firm that is trusted by thousands of clients, we at The My Life Organizer have witnessed numerous families suffer due to the lack of a will or direction for the family members left behind by a departed person. It is synonymous to burying your wealth deep beneath the ground in the woods and not sharing the details of the location with anyone in the family. Your wealth might remain buried till eternity. If you are wondering why we raising this strange argument and questioning your plans let us share certain facts that might surprise you-
  • More than a billion-dollar of insurance benefits in US lies unclaimed as insurance companies have failed to track beneficiaries.

  • Orphaned kids are sent for foster care as dead parents don’t leave behind instructions to other family members

  • 58 billion dollars worth of cash, assets and property is in the hands of the State as there are no claimants

  • Debt are attached to estate that denies legal heir total claim to the property due to lack of estate planning

  • Children often have little idea on how to handle the death of their parents creating extra burden in an already stressful time.

We can go on and state numerous such facts and examples, all of which can be pinned down to a basic problem in how many people tend to callously approach estate planning or leaving behind a will. Should you leave behind just questions for your family? Should you want them to suffer for your lack of planning when you are gone? This is where we have been helping our clients. Whether it is Elder estate planning in California or money-saving tips for seniors we at The My Life Organizer have been at the forefront of helping people secure a future for their loved ones and help in their last wishes being fulfilled.


We bring to you My Life Organizer, a one-of-it-kind record-keeping system that will offer all the information your loved ones need to know once you are gone. From estate planning for senior citizens to how your assets are to be distributed among your kids and loved ones, you will be able to record every possible information that needs to be passed down to your family, lawyer or anybody else. This record-keeping system is designed to be more powerful than a will and ensures that there is no information vacuum that may trouble your family when you are gone. From important information on your assets, debts and financial information to things such as your past medical records (which may be useful to your kids decades later) to how your funeral should be conducted and who should be on the invitee list, you will be able to record all necessary details in this organizer and this will act as a guide for your family.


The Last Will

You can put a date on most of the things you plan to do in your life. Whether it’s a long-cherished vacation or buying your dream car you will be able to prepare a plan for the future. The one thing that you can’t put a date on is your life or death. While you must always stay positive and hope for long and healthy life, you also need to plan for your death. Death is inevitable and when it comes your family should not be lost on how to deal with your funeral or what happens to your assets. They shouldn’t be forced to search endlessly in your cabinet for your life insurance or be surprised to discover they owe a huge debt to a debtor.

Although we are focussed into senior estate planning in Michigan we suggest every individual to start estate planning as soon as they start investing in assets and insurance. An uncertain thing happening to you might lead to severe hardships for your family. If you are the bread earner of the family and have your partner and kids to look after this becomes all the more important to you. With our My Life Organizer, you will be able to guide your family to rightfully claim all the insurance benefits, dues to you and other assets that you may have painstakingly been building. Remember losing a loved one is extremely painful and struggling to find relevant documents and information in such times can be devastating.


Helping with Estate Planning for Senior Citizens

As people who have been involved with estate planning for elderly parents and setting up a trust for elderly parents, we often come across a question from many of our clients. Do we need estate planning? This innocent question isn’t unfounded though as the first mention of the word ‘estate’ immediately sounds people with large country houses and millions of dollars in their savings. This is one of the reasons most elderly in America didn’t give much thought to estate planning in the past. This meant that they left behind more questions for their loved ones than assets and wealth. The fact remains senior estate planning is for everyone and not a function of the wealth or property you can accumulate during your life. Our organizer kit shall help you in putting all your eldercare estate planning in the right order and depart from the world knowing you have fulfilled all your roles and responsibilities in the best possible way.


As experts in elderly planning, we have helped thousands of people in removing the burden from their families and leaving behind all personal information in one place.

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